Watch Rico vs Hari 2 Live stream | Glory Collision 2 Live On Saturday 21 December 2019

GLORY has officially announced that a rematch between GLORY Heavyweight Champion Rico Verhoeven and kickboxing bad boy Badr Hari has been officially signed on and will take place at an event entitled GLORY: Collision 2. 
Glory Collision 2
Saturday 21 December 2019
Time:-  9:00PM CET
GelreDome, Arnhem, Netherlands
The first bout between the two, which took place at the original GLORY: Collision event in December 2016, ended in disappointing fashion when Hari suffered an arm injury, giving Verhoeven a TKO win in the non-title bout.
Verhoeven has not lost a kickboxing fight since 2015, and he has not lost in GLORY since losing to Semmy Schilt at GLORY 4 on New Year’s Eve 2012. Verhoeven won the GLORY Heavyweight Championship at GLORY 11 in October 2013 and has held it since, retaining the title eight times with wins over the likes of Errol Zimmerman, Benjamin Adegbuyi, Mladen Brestovac, Anderson Silva, Jamal Ben Saddik and, most recently at GLORY 59 in September 2018, Guto Inocente.

Glory Collision 2 Fight Card:

  • Rico Verhoeven vs Badr Hari
  • Zakaria Zouggary vs Asa Ten Pow
  • Alex Pereira vs Ertuğrul Bayrak
  • Michael Duut vs Ariel Machado
  • Mohammed Jaraya vs Massaro Glunder
  • Jahfarr Wilnis vs Antonio Plazibat
  • Donovan Wisse vs Cesar Almeida
A rematch between Verhoeven and Hari was expected in 2017, but Hari had to deal with a jail sentence. Hari ended up returning at GLORY 51 in March 2018, defeating Hesdy Gerges by decision. However, that win was overturned to a No Contest and Hari was announced to have received a 19-month retroactive suspension after failing a drug test connected to GLORY 51.

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